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Committee Chair Descriptions

Ways and Means Committees                                                                                                        


Time Commitment:  The Auction team is a year-long project.  At the beginning of the project the commitment is to meet with Team and attend PFC meetings x1/mo. until November.  January through Auction day the team meets weekly/daily.  Most meetings can take place during school hours, but some are held during the evenings to accommodate working parents as well.

Committee Chair
The committee chairperson creates forecast of event, creates budget and submits to Treasurer, tracks and enters all expenses into budget, collects and deposits all monies up until Auction night, coordinates communications and team meeting calendar, projects manages to Auction timeline, troubleshoots, serves as liaison to PFC president, attends and provides updates to PFC meetings, assists coordinators in daily to-do's, inputs all registrations into database, determines and implements pricing methodology, and facilitates team meetings.
Donations Chair
Holds regular Donations team meetings to discuss strategies, areas of concerns, etc.  Meets one year prior to event to review items that sold at or above value price.  Determines donations strategy by each category, determines donations cut-off date and communicates to the team and manage team accordingly.  Communicates strategy to each team and begin soliciting donations prior to Q4, of the year prior.  Works with closing team lead to get database ready for new auction year.  As items come in, enters into database to include description of each item.  Leads and trains team on database.  Keeps all items organized until hand off meeting with Closing Lead.  Interfaces with Communications team to establish donations form, program, donations solicitation letters, etc.  Interfaces with Auction Chair by providing weekly updates on donations values (input into forecast).  Solicits donations where necessary.
Party Chair
Meets with own Party team to discuss strategies and implementations.  Responsible for all aspects of event planning and logistics, including:  location, meal selection, invitations, ticket sales, RSVPs, entertainment, auctioneer, raffles, decorations, paddles, seating, registration, audio/visual needs, communications, and slideshow.  Works together with rest of Auction team and pitches in where needed. 
Communications Chair
Updates all forms based on last years usage and current years theme, cleans up and maintains website to ensure communications being distributed are in sync with website. Responsible for updating donations letter with current year information.  Learns and trains team on database, solicits logo creation and gains bid for program.  Tracks and maintains all ad sponsorships, works with donor and/or donations for artwork.  Interfaces with Auction Chair on communications timeline and timely communications submittals.  Prints all table tents for sponsorships, table names, etc.  Creates raffle ticket utilizing them. 
Closing Chair
Responsible for all aspects of the closing/back office at the Auction, including:  printing and formatting bid sheets, inputting volunteers in data base, assigning bid numbers to attendees and volunteers, inputting quick check forms, renting and networking computers, acquiring of printers, recruiting, training, and scheduling and managing the back office volunteers during Auction night, and assisting the PFC treasurer in finalizing payments and distribution of items after the Auction.  It is essential that the Closing Coordinator be assisted by two technology people and a volunteer coordinator:  one technology person should rent the computers, acquire the printers, load and test the software, set up and network the computers and printers on Auction night and be on hand Auction night to trouble shoot any problems, back up the data every hour and break down at the end of the night;  the second technology person needs to master the auction softwear, format the bid sheets, assist the Closing Coordinator in printing the bid sheets and act as the data entry lead on Auction night;  the volunteer coordinator recruits volunteers for Auction night and interfaces with the Party, Donations, Auction and Closing leads to train and manage the volunteers on Auction night. 



Time Commitment:           40-60 hours

Busiest Times of Year:      August to early November

Prepare all class lists and alphabetical lists for the school directory.  Need good  to strong knowledge of Excel including formulas and formatting.  Receive database of student contact information submitted online as part of kick-off registration process.  Send out various email communications to school and room parents regarding directory.  Work with room parents to get missing data for each student and then validate all the contact data at back to school night and during the following weeks.  Manually input all missing data in to excel.  Prepare data for publication by manipulating excel database using various sorting and formatting functions.  Prepare youngest child counts and email class lists for teachers and duplication committee.


Directory Advertising

Time Commitment:           30 - 40 hours

Busiest time of year:        June - Mid September

Contact local businesses by phone, email or in person to see if they would like to purchase directory advertisements. Obtain signed contract and payment from advertisers and submit to PFC Finance Directory.  Make sure advertisers provide advertising art work to Directory Graphic Designer in timely fashion.  Maintain  spreadsheet with contact and advertising sales information for all ads sold and provide this information to Directory Graphic Designer and other Directory Advertising Salesperson.  Proofread advertisements. Work mostly on own but collaborate somewhat with other Directory Advertising Salesperson, Directory Graphic Designer, and Directory Database Manager. Skills: Strong communication skills and willingness to ask people to
purchase ads.   


Directory Layout

Busiest Times of Year:      August to mid October

Time Commitment:             40 hours

Responsible for design, layout and formatting of student directory.  Be able to attend directory team and PFC meetings as needed, communicate with team on missing artwork from advertisers, and work directly with advertisers if necessary to help with layout and file questions. Assemble all text, pdfs, advertisements, and other content in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read and cost-efficient arrangement. Contact, communicate and work with local district printer to lock down print schedule, ensure files are print-ready, printing deadline is met, and directories are delivered in a timely manner to the school.


eScrip & Box Tops Coordinator

Time Commitment:           4 hours per week August-October, January-February, May; 2 hours per week all other months
Busiest Times of Year:
- August (Kick-off Day), October (Renewals), February (Kindergarten
                                      Box Tops - October and February (optional May)  (mail-in deadlines)


Set-up and manage eScrip table at Kick-Off Day (August) and at Kindergarten Registration (February).  Assist with enroll new subscribers and existing subscribers changing their designated school using computers (personal for Kick-Off, library for Kindergarten Registration.)  Manage Safeway receipt promotion in September.  Renew all existing subscribers by Nov. 1.  Promote Fresh and Easy Receipt Fundraiser Sept-Dec; submit valid receipts in January.  Track and monitor monthly activity.  Come up with promotions, as needed, to generate more support.  Report PFC spending of fitness/nutrition expenditures monthly, as required by Safeway.  Communicate appreciation of support to Safeway.  Manage Enews submissions.  Respond to email questions.  Attend monthly PFC meetings to report on performance (optional).

Box Tops

Monitor Box Tops container in school office.  Count, sort, bag batches of 50 unexpired Box Tops and mail to BTFE in October and February (optional in May.) Update PFC website with collection sheets.  Manage eNews.

Gift Wrap
Time Commitment:           40 hours       
Busiest Times of Year:      August through October  
Attend one orientation meeting set up by the Innisbrook Coordinator, Vicki Horn, in August.  Set dates with Vicki for the sale.  Meet with Vicki to go over all Innisbrook paperwork and order brochures (you will need to get the number of students enrolled from Denise). Sort packets that will go home with students.  Make decorations, from wrapping paper samples, to decorate bulletins boards to advertise the fundraiser.  Decorate bulletin boards.  Participate in a lunch time assembly to introduce the sale to the students.  Collect orders before and after school on dates that you have predetermined.  Input all payments on a spreadsheet set up by the PFC Treasurer.  Reconcile all money and deliver to the PFC board member who will make the deposit.


Golf Tournament

Time Commitment:           40 hours

Busiest Times of Year:      March through May

Arrange date and contract with golf course.  Plan any events that will take place before or after tournament. Plan details of tournament day.  Distribute communication school wide prior to event.  Collect payment for tournament.  Be present on day of tournament. 



Time Commitment:           40 hours

Busiest Times of Year:      Mid-February through April

Get Nominating Committee together and meet several times throughout the process.  Talk with all current chairs to determine if they will continue on in their positions or what other positions they will fill.  Compile list of people to be contacted by committee.  Keep Slate updated with any progress made by committee and regularly send out to committee.  Distribute any necessary communication school wide to help with Nominating process.  Present progress to PFC at March and April meetings.  Vote on Slate at May PFC meeting.



Time Commitment:           60 hours

Busiest Time of Year:        October through December

Develop theme and pick prizes.  Prepare and order envelope packets.  Prepare communication to be sent school wide.  Get volunteers.  Prepare signage and prize boards.  Present to student body at lunch.  Distribute packets.  Hold raffle during RAT.  Collect packets and distribute prizes at end of RAT.  Announce winners. Reconcile contents of packets and prepare deposits for Financial Sec.  Hold end of RAT parties.


Jaguar Fund
Time Commitment:           60 hours
Busiest Times of Year:      Before and after Kick-Off
Prepare communications to incoming Kindergarten families, enews articles, and other letters.  Develop a school-wide marketing/advertising plan and flyers.   Participate on Kick-Off day by representing Jaguar Fund.  In coordination with the Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary, collect and process all-in-one forms and accompanying payments (cash, check, credit cards).  Maintain a master spreadsheet of Jaguar Fund donations.  Prepare lists of students who have paid for yearbook chair and emergency preparedness chair. Collect Jaguar Fund forms throughout the school year and prepare weekly deposits.  Follow-up and verify corporate matches.

Activities Committees                                                                                                        


Art Awareness

Time Commitment:             8 hours the first month of school, then 3 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:      Beginning and end of school year.

Coordinate Art Awareness parent volunteers and create a volunteer address list in Yahoo e mail account.  Distribute Art Awareness binders to classroom Art parents and answer questions as needed throughout the year.  Order and maintain art supplies in the art shed.  Collect Art Awareness binders at end of year.  Monitor Labels for Education submissions in Boxtops container in school office.  Manage eNews submissions.  Count, sort and bag labels by point value.  Mail to Labels for Education 1-2x/year.  Identify bonus point times and advertise.  Identify art supplies to purchase with points and keep track of point expiration dates. 
Art Show

Time Commitment:            

Busiest Times of Year:        March

Coordinate Walnut Acres Art Show.  Working with Art Awareness Coordinators, Volunteers and Teachers to plan and execute the transformation of the Multiuse room into a Museum showcasing artwork from all grades and individuals at Walnut Acres.  This is a one day event with a day for set-up and a follow-up day to take down.   

Book Fair
Time Commitment:           2 hours a week one month before Book Fair opens. 4-6 hours per day while  
                                       Book Fair is on campus. 
Busiest Times of Year:      September - October, assuming Book Fair is in October
Work at Kick-off day hosting a table; attend 2-3 PFC meetings before, during and after Book Fair; Coordinate marketing, administration and volunteers for Book Fair.  Work with Scholastic Book Fair rep to schedule Fair; coordinate evening Family event during week; schedule Teacher and Volunteer Preview Days all with help of Scholastic Rep.

Time Commitment:            

Busiest Times of Year:        August - October

Coordinate our largest community-building event and fund raiser.  Fill key positions and manage a Carnival committee and the Carnival budget. Good job for a team


Community Service

Time Commitment:             40 hours total annually

Busiest Times of Year:        December

Coordinate several community service events throughout the year, including a toy and clothing drive in December, canned food drive in March and the Darcie Jones Book Drive in May. 



Time Commitment:             40 hours per session (2 or 3 sessions per year)

Busiest Times of Year:        Before and during registration process for classes

Coordinating after school enrichment classes funded by the PFC to provide hands-on experiences for the students of the school.  Responsibilities also include researching programs, contacting instructors, scheduling classes, building class schedule, managing registrations and contractor insurance requirements, and submitting deposits to the PFC Financial Secretary. 


Ice Cream Social

Time Commitment:             10 hours

Busiest Times of Year:        August and September

Coordinate a fun, free community building event for the entire Walnut Acres  community early in the fall.  Solicit ice cream donation as well as sign up parents to volunteer at the event.
Time Commitment:             10 hours 
Busiest Times oYear:        August and September
Coordinate parent volunteers to work in the Walnut Acres library during the year. Train new volunteers with the help of the librarian.  Assign shelving to be maintained by the volunteers. Post a volunteer calendar on the website, and other useful information.  Manage other projects as needed or determined by librarian.   Liaison between the librarian and the volunteers.

Open House Festival

Time Commitment:             10 hours

Busiest Times of Year:        April and May

Coordinate a fun, free community building event for the entire Walnut Acres  community in the spring.  Organize and run a concessions stand so families can come and enjoy dinner before the school wide classroom visits begin.


Parent Educator Program (PEP)

Time Commitment:             8 – 12 hours a month

Busiest Times of Year:        On-going

Coordinate calendar and volunteers for teaching 3 PEP courses a year (grades 3,4 and 5).  Organize, update and prepare teaching materials for all three sessions as well as attend one or two local conferences to stay current with events and lesson updates.  Plan and communicate activities for Red Ribbon Week in October.


Science Fair

Time Commitment:             30 hours total

Busiest Times of Year:        December - February

Coordinate every aspect of the Walnut Acres Science Fair.  Communicate project and fair details to students, teachers and families, arrange for kick-off visit from Professor Whizzbang, accept science fair proposals as well as orders for presentation boards, deliver presentation boards, order award certificates and participant ribbons, recruit volunteers to work in various capacities at the fair, schedule and oversee judging, set up and clean up of fair.  Enter winners in MDUSD fair.


Time Commitment:             20 hours total

Busiest Times of Year:        August, December and May

Coordinate the Back to School Coffee on the first day of school, including finding donors t provide the pastries and coffee.  Plan, and find someone to host the PFC Holiday Party and the PFC Volunteer Appreciation Party in the spring.  Arrange for volunteers to bring food and beverages.  Send out invitations to the parties.


Student Safety:

Drive Thru

Time Commitment:             Couple of hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:       September, then on-going

Recruit for drive thru volunteers.  Establish a volunteer schedule and set up calendar for the year.  Prepare calendar for the website and send out e-mail reminders to volunteers.


Student Safety:

Emergency Preparedness

Time Commitment:             Couple of hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:        August and September

Coordinate selling and assembling of Emergency Food Kits for students as well as delivery to classrooms, communicating emergency preparedness information via e mail, work with principal to  update emergency site documents / plan and emergency response procedures, work with other PFC chairs to switch out and restock water supply in classrooms.  Maintain Disaster Shed, teacher backpacks, Nurse’s Office and MUR emergency storage cans as needed. 

 Student Safety:

Lunch Patrol/First Aid/Rainy Day

Time Commitment:             10 hours in August, then a couple of hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:        August and September, then ongoing

Attend Kick-Off to recruit for yard duty volunteers.  Establish a volunteer schedule and set up calendar for the year.  Prepare calendar for the website and send out e-mail reminders to volunteers. Also maintain first aid cart and supplies for office.   


Teacher Appreciation

Time Commitment:             10 hours at beginning of year, then 2 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:        August and May

Coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week events via the room parents, Plan and arrange for several teacher luncheons throughout the year, decorate staff tables on teacher appreciation luncheon days, send e mail reminders to parents who have volunteered to bring food for luncheons and clean up staff room after luncheons.  Work with PFC president, vice president and Social Chair for any special events when bakers may be needed. 


Theatre Enrichment

Time Commitment:             30 hours per year       

Busiest Times of Year:       During the planning stage for each production and before and after productions

 Meet with Walnut Acres Children's Theater directors before summer and fifth grade plays to discuss budget     and calendar. Review budget and facilitate deposit process and payment process for expenses. 


T-Shirts / Spirit Wear

Time Commitment:             30+ hours

Busiest Times of Year:        May and June for design and ordering, August and September for Kick – Off and back orders.

Be creative in designing our school spirit wear, analyze previous years’ orders to determine how much apparel to order.  Together with a committee, decide on

design logo for the school with the help of an artist provided by the vendor.  Sell spirit wear at Walnut Acres Ice Cream Social and a few other Walnut Acres spirit events. 



Time Commitment:             3 hours a month

Busiest Times of Year:        On-going

Recruit volunteers from each class for layout coordinators and photographers, Attend workshop with Lifetouch in getting yearbook started online and assign volunteers passwords so they can upload pictures and work on their pages.  Design format of yearbook, including a cover, attend and/or delegate volunteers to various school events to take pictures, proof yearbook pages, submit final proofs to yearbook company, solicit sales, review orders and distribute yearbooks at end of year.

Communications Committees                                                                                          



Time Commitment:             Varies – average 4 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:        On-going

Maintain Walnut Acres web presence by updating web information and beautifying the site as needed. Providing technical support for website users. 


Community Announcements

Time Commitment:             4-8 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:        On-going 
Screen and post community announcements received based on established WAPFC communication criteria. Criteria is listed on the community announcements webpage and includes Enews criteria to not publish student names or other personal student information.

Maintain Community Announcements page on PFC website. Includes editing information received if necessary, notifying sender of changes to posting, add graphics from organization's website (optional), remove expired announcements, sort announcements per priority or date of event.

Maintain Community Announcement Summary on WAPFC homepage. Includes linking announcement to organization website or back to CA webpage, include in summary relevant dates/location of the event, and sort postings in descending date order.

Submit Community Announcement summary to Enews editors. Update summary during the school year every two weeks based on Enews release schedule. Coordinate wth Enews editors the CA submission timeline.



 Time Commitment:            8-12 hours per month (time is ideally shared with a co-chair)

 Busiest Times of Year:       Release dates - 2-3 times per month

Manage Enews Inbox; manage submission process; liaise with PFC President, Vice President and Principal; collect Enews submissions; edit articles for grammar, punctuation and conformity; build Enews page including text and graphics; preview and check that dates are accurate and links function properly; make suggested revisions; update PFC website with current editions and archives. Prepare monthly Principal's Message for distribution and any "Special Enews" releases as requested throughout the year.


District Liaison / Parent Advisory Council (PAC) 

Time Commitment:             6-8 hours per month (includes meeting times)

Busiest Times of Year:       On-going

Post monthly PAC meeting agenda on PFC website, attend monthly PAC meetings, led by the MDUSD Superintendent, type minutes and submit on the PFC website as well as verbally report back information from the meetings to the PFC at its monthly meetings. 



Office Support


Time Commitment:              About 1-3 hours per week

Busiest Times of Year:        Aug/Sept to recruit volunteers and coordinate schedule

Organize training for parent volunteers in use of copy, book binding and die cut equipment. Schedule all volunteers for weekly duplicating times. Maintain duplicating supplies.


Office Support


Time Commitment:             15-20 hours per year

Busiest Times of Year:        Beginning of school year

Collect and validate submitted insurance forms for driving on fieldtrips. Track fingerprinting and tb testing for classroom volunteer purposes. Make information available to teachers and room parents on an on-going basis.


Office Support


Time Commitment:             About 1 hour per month

Busiest Times of Year:        On-going

Change the sign in front of the school to reflect goings-on for the month.


New Family Orientation

Time Commitment:          20 -30 hours spread over summer and at start of year

Busiest Times of Year:       Start of school year

Welcome new students to Walnut Acres before the first day of school with a "brown bag lunch". Recruit current students for the lunch to buddy up with new students and orient them with their new school. Welcome new parents in Sept. with a "Meet and Greet". Work to incorporate welcoming Kindergarten families as well.


Room Parent Coordinator

Time Commitment:             3-4 hours prior to school year, Kick-Off day, and 3-4 hours at the start of school year.  Thereafter, approximately 1 hour/month.

Busiest Times of Year:        End of summer and start of school year

Recruit Room Parent volunteers at kick-off day booth and answer questions.  Orient Room Reps in group meeting before school starts.  Assist room parents throughout the school year with general questions and procedures. Act as liaison between PFC board and room parents for disseminating email communication. Update Room Parent information tab documents on PFC website as needed.  


Executive Committee                                                                                                    



Time Commitment:           Ranges (averages 12 hours/week)

Busiest Time of Year:        Throughout

Manage overall objectives and strategies of PFC to make sure they stay in line with PFC Mission.  Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff.  Oversee “Ways and Means” Committee Chairs.  Create agenda and facilitate monthly PFC meetings and Executive Committee meetings.  Serve on Strategic Planning Committee. Communicate with school and/or PFC Board as necessary.  Create school calendar and budget with Executive Committee.  Speak at Kindergarten Orientation.  Work at Kick-Off Day.  Review monthly bank statements and sign checks.


Vice President - Activities

Time Commitment: 2 - 4 hours per week, more in the months leading up to Kick Off

Busiest Time of Year: April - June, August to plan for Kick Off

Work with Kick Off committee chair to plan, organize and manage all aspects of Kick Off Day. Project manage on the day of Kick Off.  Oversee school picture days and gather volunteers for various site based activities. Oversee "Activities" Committee Chairs, following up  with them both pre and post events. Serve on Nominating Committee. Maintain and update Walnut Acres activities calendar.  Attend monthly PFC meetings, Executive Committee meetings and quarterly Brainstorm Sessions. 


Vice President - Communication

Time Commitment:           Varies. Typically 1-4 hours per week

Busiest Time of Year:         On-Going

Oversee "Communications" Committees (Room Parents, Enews, Community Announcements, Webmaster, District Liaison, Insurance, Marquee, New Families). Manage PFC website content and users. Review Enews content. Create, analyze and distribute PFC survey when necessary. Attend monthly Executive Committee and PFC meetings, serve on Nominating Committee and work at Jaguar Day.


Time Commitment:           Ranges (minimum 1 hour a week, maximum 12 hours per week, average 2-4 hours per week)

Busiest Times of Year:      Late August - September, March – April

This job is currently separated into two positions:

Lead Treasurer

Present and report on, up-to-date financial reports (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet) to the board at monthly PFC meetings. Attend monthly executive board meetings and PFC meetings. Work with various board members and Walnut Acres Principal to develop an annual budget.  Attend strategic planning meetings and provide financial information as needed.  Provide assistance to fundraising chairs when reconciling the financial outcome of their event. Processes disbursement requests and prepare checks.


Assistant Treasurer

Maintain, record, and account for all financial transactions (receipts and disbursements) of the PFC.  Prepare the monthly financial reports. Reconcile bank accounts on a monthly basis and complete required year-end tax forms.  Work with Certified Public Accountants to file required forms to the IRS and maintain the Income Tax Exempt status of the PFC.  Attend monthly executive board meetings and PFC meetings. 

Financial Secretary

Time Commitment:           16 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year:      Consistent work throughout year

Process deposits: coordinate hand-off of cash deposits, count cash, reconcile and endorse checks, prepare deposit slip, update deposit spreadsheet, go to bank.  Forward deposit journal entries to Treasurer for recording in accounting system.  Annually assist in the budgeting process.  Assist with check-out during kick-off day and at auction.  Participate in auction buy-in party hosted by EC ($100-150).  Maintain ongoing list of fundraising ideas submitted to the PFC.  Review existing fundraisers and analyze to propose to Board which fundraisers will be promoted for the following year.  Update PFC website with fundraising piecharts (sources and uses of cash).  Attend monthly EC and PFC meetings.  Attend EC brainstorming, Strategic Planning and fundraising meetings.


Time Commitment:           5 hours per month
Busiest Times of Year:      Before and after PFC meetings
Attend and take minutes at PFC meetings. Forward minutes to president and principal for review. Send out monthly reminders for PFC mtgs. and compile final Agenda for mtg. with those who would like to speak. Submit minutes on website and send to PFC board members, along with monthly agenda, which is also posted at school. Compile attendance and handouts from PFC meeting into yearly binder. Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings. Keep non-profit status up to date. Compile Committee Chair Confirmation forms during Nominating process. Keep PFC Board Directory up to date. Compile and post on line and in a binder in the office all committee chair job descriptions. Keep "Committee Chair Guidelines" up to date and make sure that guidelines match what is on website.  Work at Kick-Off Day.  Renew liability, property, and crime insurance.  Assume other correspondence of the organization when requested by the president.