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    20days until
    Next PFC Meeting

    New Families

    Welcome to Walnut Acres!
    Below is some helpful information to get you started. Also refer to the Walnut Acres school website for further information about the campus.  

    • Aug 19 -New Parent Orientation (Grades K-5) 6PM in the MUR
    • Aug 19 - PFC Meeting 7 PM, MUR 
    • Aug 21 – Jaguar Day 1-5:30PM
    • Aug 22 - New Student Orientation (Grades 1-5)
    • Aug 25 - School Starts/Back to School Breakfast

    TOP TEN….

    Things we want you to know to make the most of your Walnut Acres experience!


    EVERY PARENT IS AUTOMATICALLY A MEMBER OF THE PARENT FACULTY CLUB (PFC) and should try to attend all PFC meetings.  Membership is automatically granted to the parents or legal guardians of children attending Walnut Acres Elementary School and the faculty of the school.  In lieu of membership dues, an annual revenue campaign, Jaguar Fund, is conducted at the beginning of each school year.
    UNDERSTAND THE MISSION OF THE PFC, which is to ensure the ongoing improvement of the academic education and experience for each child, and how it achieves its OBJECTIVES through fundraising efforts that allow us to focus on maintaining and enhancing existing programs as well as developing new ones to make Walnut Acres a better learning community.
    GET INFORMED.  Use the PFC website to find out what is going on at school, the community, the district and the status of education in general.
    RECEIVE COMMUNICATION.  Go to the “Communication” tab on the PFC website to sign up for Enews and find out various ways to stay informed.
    SUPPORT OUR KIDS THROUGH PFC FUNDRAISERS.  We ask 100% of our families to give what money they can to our PFC fundraisers.  Only 7 fundraisers support over 50 personnelactivities and school support services.  Salaries represent about 70% of all expenses paid and 100% of the revenue generated by our fundraisers goes back into our school and our kids.
    SUPPORT OUR KIDS THROUGH JAGUAR FUND.  100% of our families are expected to give whatever amount they can to the JAGUAR FUND (formerly the Walnut Acres Education Fund).  This year the PFC will spend $455 per child – roughly the equivalent to ONE month of preschool.
    GIVE YOUR TIME TO PFC ACTIVITIES.  We ask 100% of our families to give what time they can to our PFC activities.  Understand our activities and how they are supported by our fundraisers.
    BE A PART OF THE PFC BOARD.  Open to any and all parents, we need your unique skills and talents to fill our Board of over 90 parents and 50 committees.
    DON’T MISS JAGUAR DAY.  Held the week before school starts, this is a fun day when you receive class assignments, order yearbooks and school apparel, make your Jaguar Fund contribution and learn about events in the upcoming year. 
    REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE PFC which is here to support our kids.  Any and all contributions of time and money make a difference.  You are a welcome and wanted part of our amazing Walnut Acres community.